Crash Course :: Fast Fashion

We’re living in a point in time where everything is at our fingertips, but is that really such a good thing? It’s complicated. We’re able to attain stuff much faster than before, which means it’s also necessary to stop and think about the consequences that might have. As of recently, fast fashion has become an issue that has taken our world by storm. But what is it exactly?

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Kiran BrarComment
Why we're not using "Kimono" anymore

As many of you know, we launched our Kickstarter and our brand with a ridiculously comfortable blazer called the Kimono Blazer. Until recently, I had no issue using the word "kimono" in our product name. I have seen enough fashion brands use "kimono" to simply mean a flowy garment. Thinking it was clever because our blazers are designed to be loose and flowy, I named it the Kimono Blazer. However, due to a few recent events, I have decided to stop calling our blazers by that name.

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Our Launch Party Recap

One of my favorite parts of photographing events is being a fly on the wall. Hiding behind a camera lens gives you a unique vantage point–you get to zoom in on conversations and small moments that others more caught up in their own conversations might miss…

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