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Trace Fashion was birthed by founder Kristin’s passion for ethically-made fashion and a deep conviction that a business is a tool to serve a community, existing not only to make a profit, but to benefit people.

Through a partnership with Unconditional, Trace Fashion is creating a program to employ and empower women who wish to transition out of the sex and adult entertainment industries.

This program, called Equip 360, is focused on holistic support as women change industries, and battle the stigma our society places on them. We are creating space for women to step back from the hustle and the hurry to dream and plan for the future.

It is a year-long, paid full-time program, including classes for building healthy habits and life skills and an internship with Trace Fashion, where women will gain experience in every aspect of the business - sales, marketing, production, distribution, design, and vision-casting.


We are empowered women, empowering women.


“So what does employing women from the sex industry have to do with comfortable blazers?” you ask. Well, nothing. And everything.

Due to stigma, women leaving the sex industry for a new job opportunity experience unique challenges in the more “traditional” workplace. However, we believe all women deserve to feel comfortable at work. Because busting through glass ceilings is uncomfortable enough.

So we’re designing pieces (starting with the blazer) to help women feel comfortable, creative, AND put-together at the office, whether that office is in the corner of your studio apartment, or in a high-rise.